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We are SunWave Productions 

A Chicago based team of multimedia creators ready to help you in your creative projects and beyond. 

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How It Began

Founded in Chicago, SunWave Productions began as an aspiring arts community. Victor Perez formed the community in order to help Edgar Solis and Vanessa Garza grow as working artists alongside him.

Their combined talents have allowed them to cooperate quickly and successfully together, growing into their collaboration on their personal projects such as Dimension(Music Video), Las Conchitas(Pin/Sticker Kickstarter), and Into The Machine(EP.) Lastly, forming Hollow Garden; A musical art project to showcase all of their work together.

Our Services

We Help Bring Your Creative Projects To Life. Take a look at our services and find out how we can help. 

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Our Team

Copy of Light Teal Real Estate Open House Instagram Post
Music Producer

Edgar Solis

Music Producer
Art Director

Vanessa Garza

Art Director

Ready To Experience What SunWave Productions Can Do For You? 

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