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Edgar Solis

Music Producer

Hey! I’m Edgar. Take a look at my projects to get a better idea of my skillset, and what I can do for you. 

“Edgar Solis is working hard to make all productions rich and full of sonic quality”



By Orange Lips

Orange Lips is Edgar Solis’ Alias for his music career. The EP represents his musical growth throughout his years of playing music. A rollercoaster of an EP with curves, ups and down; it’s the story of becoming comfortable. “I feel comfortable doing passionate music but there’s some elements in the songs  I never thought I’d do. For example getting the chance to work with someone that plays guitar and adding it to my work” says Orange Lips.

Music Videos

Nunca me Dejarás

Diménsion, Nunca me Dejarás, Mientras are a showcase of Edgar’s directing, editing, and filming experience. He strives for the fundamentals in all his works: Lighting, Positioning, Color Grading, Timing and more. The work continues to speak for itself and improve with each video he makes. Influenced by the works of Alejandro Gonzalez Iñaritu, Daft Punk, ASAP Rocky and more, Edgar’s work is a cut above the rest.



Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Since the age of 13, Edgar has been honing his ability to record and produce quality music. His father, also named Edgar Solis and a great musician, taught him the essentials. Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Music theory, and last but not least, Singing help him make a song flourish. Mixing, Mastering, and mastery of Logic will help anyone’s song sound good, but you need Edgar Solis to give you those final touches that will turn your song into a masterpiece.

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