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Our Work

SunWaves Productions is a community of professional artists who strive to make impactful changes to the world. Started by Victor Perez, the community’s goals were to empower each other through learning, sharing, and communicating. What started as a music video, grew into a partnership between all members. 
Dimension 1080

Dimensión Artist Music Video

This music video was the beginning of the partnership between Edgar, Victor, and Vanessa. Vanessa was looking for a band to record a music video. Victor was working with Edgar on the song and thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

Dimensión is about wishing to be in another timeline where your heart was not broken. Written, Recorded and Produced by Edgar Solis Featuring Victor Perez on Guitar. 

Hollow Garden First EP

Hollow Garden is a musical collective with input coming from all SunWave Members. Following

Orange Lips’ “Dimensión”, Hollow Garden is showcasing all the music writing talent in our production company. Distorted Guitars, Jazz-y Dance, Acoustic Love Song, and a Experimental Trip. Let’s not forget Edgar’s beautiful singing voice that drives all of the songs to their fullest potential!

Copy of Copy of Animated Inspirational Quote Pink Girls' Weekend Facebook Cover-10

Las Conchitas Pin/Sticker Collection

“Las Conchitas” was inspired by growing up in a Hispanic Chicago household. Vanessa Garza (The Artist) remembers her and her family going to the local bakery every weekend, and picking up a bag full of these colorful pastries! 

A Kickstarter was started to raise capital for the project with a goal of $1,000. The project ended up raising $1,388! Stay Tuned for details on how to order some!