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Vanessa Garza

Art Director

Hey! I’m Vanessa. Take a look at my past projects to get a better idea of my skillset, and what I can do for you. 

“Vanessa Garza is a truly unique artist. Art should be “fun and cute” she exclaims! With colors both bright and expressive, her art cascades the normality of the world. Not shy from new visions, Vanessa will be consistently looking for new ways to reinvent her art; scroll through her portfolio below to see what projects she’s been up to lately.”


Berwyn Art Walk 2020

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“Art and walking: The perfect combination for a stressful time” 

In the beginning of 2020, Vanessa-like thousands of other artists around the world-saw many art events and opportunities fall through due to the pandemic. The Berwyn Public Art Initiative found a way to continue supporting the arts, while allowing artists to work safely and socially distanced.

Local businesses volunteered their storefront windows for murals, and Vanessa’s artwork was chosen for Dwellings Real Estate. Continuing with the Bungalow theme she has featured on previous murals for the city, it only fit to create another for the the realtor business. 

Learn more about the art walk HERE

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“Las Conchitas” Kickstarter

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“Las Conchitas” was inspired by growing up in a Hispanic Chicago household. Vanessa remembers her and her family going to the local bakery every weekend, and picking up a bag full of these colorful pastries!

She wanted to recreate that experience in the form of artwork and chose enamel pins and stickers as her medium. To fund the collection, a Kickstarter was created and raised the funds in only 9 days, and exceeding the original funding goal.

From the amazing support she received from family and friends, she plans to promote the remaining pins (as well as some new designs!) at local art shows in the summer of this year. 


Art On Track 2019

The Berwyn Public Art Initiative’s (BPAI) largest outdoor mural project to date. Berwyn-a bordering city of Chicago-involved 18 artists to work on 30 murals, all of which were installed along the BNSF Railway in the “Depot District” (The city’s center). 2 of which, I designed and painted as a permanent public art installation. 

Learn More



Along with two other local artists, Vanessa was also a part of a “live paint” at the Outta Space (An Arts and Music Venue located in Berwyn), where locals were able to stop by and watch the murals come to life. She was interviewed by My Suburban Life, and got the opportunity to share more about the inspiration behind the murals. The architectual integrity of the city is what she planned to capture in her art: “It’s the city of homes, and I wanted to make sure I gave Berwyn a piece that reminds us of it.”  

To Learn more about the project, you can follow the Berwyn Public Art Initiative’s Website for more. They also covered the event frequently on their Instagram

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Oak Park Mural 2018

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In the Spring of 2018, Oak Park continued its annual tradition of commissioning six artists to paint on the retaining walls along the Green Line Corridors. The long range goal of the program is to display colorful art around the entire length of the railroad from Harlem Avenue to Austin boulevard.

Vanessa Garza’s mural design was selected and placed near Austin (Right next to the 7-11). The painting itself features a young woman artist working hard on her next creation. The background has all of her previous works hanging up, each original in their styles. It is a painting within a painting showing depth, color, symmetry, leading lines, and more techniques that all artists mend into their practice. 

*Note: Vanessa has been chosen again in 2021 to paint another mural!

Graphic Design / Logos

Graphic Design work with professionalism that transforms your concepts into images. 


Digital Artwork

From pencil and paper to Procreate final images, check out some of the artist’s most recent digital pieces. 

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Photography Work

Scenes of a vibrant life around Chicago.

*For more examples of commercial works and photoshoots, contact this team member for further information in the in the Book Now contact form. 

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