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Victor Perez

Executive Director

Hey! I’m Victor. Take a look at my projects to get a better idea of my skillset, and what I can do for you. 

“Offering Creative Solutions for Creative People”


Children’s Book

I Never Want To Sleep!


The story of a young boy who wants to stay awake to do all the fun activities he can think of, while fighting sleep! He rocks, he plays, he learns! However, in the end, he must succumb to his exhaustion. Illustrated by Melissa Ott.

Written by Victor Perez, he recounts from his own experience of fighting sleep. Not one to call it a night, he constantly pushes forward to new ideas and projects. Victor plans to continue to write children’s novels into the future!

Build Future Success! Grand Opening Video

Once a drab warehouse in need of desperate repairs and fixtures, Youth Crossroads set out to Build Future Success. Calling upon the community, they opened their hearts to the organization. Thanks to generous donors, Youth Crossroads has a welcoming community hub for local youth and families. 

Victor Perez filmed, edited, and composed and recorded original music to showcase the transformation. He received outstanding praise from both donors and staff alike.


INTO THE MACHINE Rock/Jazz Instrumental EP

Victor Perez went a little crazy for a while trying to understand everything about music. He was studying the ear, waveforms, music theory, and plate mechanics and going way too overboard. 

It led him to calculus, where I learned about Sum Infinities and I watched this YouTube video about time being represented by a single point in time in which we experience, with a path in front us and a path behind us.

He drew a hypercube with a Sum Infinite in it and T1 (past), T2(present), T3(future), to represent the different points in time. It was a model for life. Self aware of how crazy it sounds, he named the EP “Into The Machine” because most of the knowledge would not be possible without the machine and it’s just something we’re going to continue to face going into the future.

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